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Teledyne API (TAPI) offers a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) instrumentation, which complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Union (EU), and other requirements for the measurement of ambient air quality.

Utilizing proven measurement principles, we also offer instruments for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM), and a number of other applications, including Clean Room Monitoring, Contamination Monitoring, and Industrial Process Monitoring/Control.

Today TAPI offers a broad range of gas analyzers, monitors, and process control instruments. We continue to be a global leader in Ambient Air Quality Monitoring applications, but have also established leadership in Continuous Emissions Monitors for stationary air pollution sources, and in specialized instruments for the measurement and control of ozone gas in a variety of industrial applications. However, our precision gas instruments are also found in many other applications including clean-room monitoring, contamination monitoring, gas purity applications, etc.

In recent times, we have begun to complement our range of gas analysis instruments with a growing range of particulate monitoring instruments for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring applications.

Our products are sold and supported on a global basis through a network of expert partners operating in more than 80 countries. Across the globe, Teledyne API's name is synonymous with high quality products and world-class customer service.